All-electric luxury yachting

Conceived. Designed. Engineered.

A new era in design and technology

The Germany and USA based company Voltaire Electric Yachts was founded in 2019 with the goal of building cutting-edge power-boats designed for the future. All-electric propulsion and sustainable composite materials are aligned with the increasing demand for luxury and intuitive handling. The outcome is stunning and a true game changer in the world of yachting.



The Voltaire fleet

The launch of the Voltaire 33 SKY is the starting point of Voltaire Electric Yachts. From here we will go a long way, building up an impressive fleet of electric vessels. The values of Voltaire will remain. We will always stay true to our main vision: The future is zero!

We are already looking forward to revealing our next all-electric power boat to you. Stay tuned!



The Founders

Florian Nierich

Florian is a young visionary and former press and marketing manager of the HanseGroup. As a member of the next generation of yachties, he is a strong advocate for high-class zero-emission cruising and it is his vision to turn the entire industry to become carbon neutral.


Michael Reardon

Michael has crafted award-winning, future-focused boats for the past 35 years. Past notable positions include working with Seaway Group (Shipman Carbon Yachts, Skagen, Ocean Class, Greenline) and Gunboat. He is continually at the forefront of composite technology. During his career in the marine industry the companies michael has worked for have won 36 Boat Of The Year awards.