Every Voltaire 33 SKY is an exclusively handcrafted masterpiece,
individually customized to the owner's preferences.

Be ahead

The Voltaire 33 SKY is arguably the most cutting-edge luxury power yacht to date. Its concept is a true innovation in the world of yachting and the design a timeless piece of art. Becoming an owner of a Voltaire 33 SKY means stepping into the new era of clean, zero-carbon boating.

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Edenton, NC

Built in the USA

Voltaire yachts are manufactured in-house in the coastal town of Edenton, North Carolina. Each Voltaire is unique and customized to the owner's preferences. The production stages of each new electric Voltaire can be followed in real time, from the production of the hulls to the open water test on the Atlantic Ocean.


Order you Voltaire 33 SKY now and become an owner of the most cutting-edge power boat. First deliveries start in spring 2021. Please fill in the short form and we will be delighted to help you customize your personal Voltaire 33 SKY.