Introducing the Voltaire 33 SKY

The groundbreaking Voltaire 33 SKY is unlike any boat ever built. She combines race sailing attributes with the properties of a full-hearted open power boat. The all-electric propulsion system and innovative flax-fibre-composite structure make her the most modern power boat to date.

  • 100% Electric
  • Easy handling. Zero maintenance
  • Long range capabilities

Designed by Jonas Hertwig in New York


  • LoA: 9,90 m
  • Beam: 4,00 m
  • Displacement: 4,7 t
  • Engine: Torqeedo - 2x Deep Blue 50 kW (2 x 80 hp)
  • Batterie: BMW - 2x 42,2 kWh, 9 years warranty
  • Top Speed: 17 - 20 knots
  • Cruising Speed: 12 knots
  • Range: 100 nm at 9 knots
  • CE Category: B (12 people)
  • Design: Jonas Hertwig/ Voltaire Electric Yachts
  • Base price: 389.000 €


The Voltaire 33 SKY is equipped with a high-quality battery electric propulsion system made in Germany. Two Torqeedo Deep Blue engines with 50 kW power each are situated in the two hulls enabling the yacht to turn on the spot. The award winning i3 batteries are supplied by German premium car maker BMW and have been successfully tested for more than a decade. 9 years warranty on the batteries, standard insurability and worldwide service are additional benefits of the Voltaire power-train. The boat can be recharged fully over night in any regular marina. The optional fast charger recharges to 80% over lunch. 

Flax-fibre technology

Building a power boat fit for the future means looking at all aspects of the boat. Crude oil based glasfibre reinforced polyester, the main material of most contemporary boats, is harmful to the environment, hazardous to the workers and susceptible for osmosis. Voltaire yachts are build with flax-fibre and bio epoxy resin instead. Flax based natural fibre composite is a high performance material largely used in car racing. Due to their bast fiber nature, they embody toughness and structural properties that allow for high performance applications. Voltaire and other luxury shipyards have implemented this sustainable yet highly technical material in order to lower their footprint and to recreate the natural feel to boat building. 

Naval architecture

With seagoing capabilities and the most reliable type of propulsion, this power-catamaran is ready to take you out exploring coastal waters with a range of 100 nautical miles. The twin hull structure makes the Voltaire 33 SKY very solid and keeps your drinks on the table at anchor even in busy bays. The wave-piercing bows cut smoothly through the water and elongate the waterline while giving the vessel a sportive and dynamic look.